The design and manufacturing of the Gilmore Reel had been a lifelong ambition of David Gilmore.  As an avid trout fly angler and mechanical engineer, Dave always knew that he could design a better reel than those that existed.  He had ideas that could change the fly-fishing industry and the way people fished, forever.

In 1983, Dave created Vermont Precision Engineering, a small design and manufacturing machine shop in Weathersfield, VT.  Operations primarily consisted of subcontract machine work for a variety of industrial companies.  Over the years, manufacturing and design operations expanded, and the company's customer base grew from regional to national.  The name was later changed to VPE, Incorporated.  

In the early 1990s, after spending much time in the Florida Keys, saltwater fly-fishing became a new and intriguing pastime.  The experience created a new incentive to resurrect the dormant fly reel designs.

Using knowledge he had gained over the years and the design and manufacturing abilities acquired at VPE, Inc., Dave and his experienced staff began the prototype phase of the long awaited ambition.  He began building a fly reel that he could put his name on.

Three main criteria were established in the design of the Gilmore Reel InterCoastal Series.

bulletTo allow simple and quick conversions from left-hand to right-hand retrieve, Anti-Reverse to Direct-Drive, and standard to large arbor spool

bulletTo require no tools for disassembly, cleaning, or conversion

bulletTo create the smoothest and most durable drag on the market

In the spring of 2002, the first reel of the InterCoastal Series, the 12 weight X425 tarpon reel was released to the market.  Then in the summer of 2002, the 8-9 weight X360 was introduced, followed by the 10 weight X400 in the spring of 2003.  The new 14 weight X475 hit the water for the 2005 season and finishes out the InterCoastal Series.  New reels, including a large arbor series and spey reel, are currently under development will be introduced soon.

2005 Gilmore Reel
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