Three main criteria were established in the design of the InterCoastal Series

bulletSimple and quick conversion from left-hand to right-hand retrieve, Anti-Reverse to Direct-Drive, and standard to large arbor spool.
The conversion takes less than twenty seconds.  Because there are only 4 major assemblies in any given configuration, conversions are a snap.  There are no small springs or screws to tend with.  It is simple enough to do while on your boat or waist deep in the water.  Guides and anglers appreciate the versatility.
bulletNo tools required.
Conversions between Anti-Reverse, Direct-Drive, Large Arbor, and Conventional spool require NO tools.  Conversions between left and right-hand retrieve require only a penny or a flat penny-sized object.  Guides and anglers appreciate the simplicity.
bulletExtremely smooth drag.
The InterCoastal series utilizes a dual disc drag system.  Pressure is equally applied on both sides of the spool.  This essentially doubles the drag surface found in most traditional reels.  The drag system uses a cork against a self lubricating graphite composite material.  The result is an extremely low start-up inertia and a durable, smooth, and controllable out-spool across the entire drag tension spectrum or line level.  Guides and anglers appreciate the performance.

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