Regular cleaning is essential to keeping your Gilmore Reel in peak condition.  Performance can be severely degraded if your reel is not properly maintained.  Here are a few pointers:


bulletThe drag system consists of a self lubricating graphite compound to cork.  Under heavy drag conditions, the drag system self lubricates itself to allow smooth operation throughout the drag spectrum.  A light layer of black graphite will build on the cork surface allowing smooth operation under extreme pressure and high speed rotation.  The drag is specifically designed to operate in this manner.  However, after several underwater submersions, this powdered build-up can move to the bridge arbor (which acts as a bearing) and create a film.

With proper cleaning and maintenance after each use, this buildup will never occur.  However, if you fail to clean your reel regularly, you may need to clean up the residue with a 600 grit emery cloth or #00 steel wool to return the reel to proper operating condition.


bulletStorage:  When storing the reel, always back the drag off to a very loose setting.  This allows the cork to expand to its natural shape.  


bulletLubrication of the cork is not necessary for operation.  On the same note, lubrication will not hurt.  A thin layer of grease applied to the cork before storage will help keep the cork from drying out.  Lubrication is not needed for the drag to operate smooth.  The graphite surface provides sufficient lubrication for operation.



DISASSEMBLY OF THE DRAG CAPSULE or CLICKER ASSEMBLY WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY.  If for any reason the drag capsule or clicker assembly needs repair, send it to us and allow us to make the repair.


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