Standard Arbor Spools


Spool Model


Backing Capacity

Suggested Retail


14 wt

500 yds 30 lb



12 wt

280 yds 30 lb 


CSX400 10 wt 325 yds 20 lb
200 yds 30 lb
CSX360 8-9 wt 8 wt:  270 yds 20 lb
9 wt:  230 yds 20 lb

Large Arbor Spools
Converts InterCoastal Series Reel into a Large Arbor

Spool Model

Fits Reel Body

Converts to LA Size

LA Backing Capacity

Suggested Retail

LAX475 X475 14 wt 12 wt 400 yds 30 lb $99


X425 12 wt

10 wt

300 yds 20 lb 
200 yds 30 lb


LAX400 X400 10 wt 8 wt 200 yds 20 lb $99
LAX360 X360 8-9 wt 6-7 wt 6 wt:  150 yds 20 lb
7 wt:  125 yds 20 lb

InterCoastal series reels are convertible and allow a choice in arbor size.  Spools are CNC machined from solid bar-stock 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with a durable .0015 inch thick hard-coat anodize.  The spools are identical on each side, allowing quick conversions from left to right-hand retrieve.  The spool is simply reversed on the reel body.  No re-spooling of the line is required.

Because the same reel body is used for both arbor sizes, line capacity is reduced with the large arbor spools.  See chart below:

Reel Standard Spool Size Large Arbor Spool Size
X360 8-9 wt 6-7 wt
X400 10 wt 8 wt
X425 12 wt 10 wt
X475 14 wt 12 wt

Anglers can carry multiple spools with a variety of line weights.  Changes are done without tools and in just seconds!

Conversion Kits allow changes between Anti-Reverse and Direct-Drive.





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