InterCoastal X475
 Anti-Reverse 14 Wt.
InterCoastal X425
Anti-Reverse 12 Wt.
InterCoastal X400
Anti-Reverse 10 Wt.
InterCoastal X360
Anti-Reverse 8/9 Wt.

InterCoastal X475
Direct-Drive 14 Wt.

InterCoastal X425
Direct-Drive 12 Wt.

InterCoastal X400
Direct-Drive 10 Wt.
InterCoastal X360
Direct-Drive 8/9 Wt.

Gilmore Reel's revolutionary “no tools required” fly reel is the latest in “angler friendly technology” to be introduced to the fly fishing enthusiast.  This new and innovative design makes it quick and easy for you to disassemble your reel while on the water with no tiny springs or screws getting lost over the side.  Whether you’re changing spools, cleaning and rinsing, or reversing the retrieve, there are no tools required.  Only three parts need to be removed to completely disassemble the X475, X425, X400, and X360!

The Gilmore Reel Drag Capsule is the brain behind this innovative and patented system.  We use marine grade 316 stainless steel springs encased and sealed within our drag-adjusting knob.  Because this drag mechanism is completely encapsulated, you don’t have to worry about all those little pieces getting lost.  Our system gives the angler a superior smooth drag adjustment throughout the complete drag tension setting range.

The Double Disc Drag is the brawn behind the system.  The InterCoastal's spool is sandwiched between twin self-lubricating polymer discs cushioned by natural cork fibers.  Extensive testing has shown that using two discs on opposite sides of the spool are superior to using only one disc.  The two outer and opposing forces attained by our double discs tend to balance the clutching action required by a high performance drag system.  The Double Disc Drag also reduces the cantilevered moments of inertia caused by a hard-running game fish.

You can easily see the advantages of Gilmore Reel’s Reversible Spool technology.  Changing from left to right hand retrieve is simple.  Just pop off the Reversible Spool, engage the pawl lever, flip the spool around and you’re in business.  A mere 20 seconds!  No tools – No hassles.

These high-performance reels are sure to please the most discriminating angler.  Ask your retailer for a demonstration.

Conversion Kits allow ANY InterCoastal series reel to convert between Direct-Drive and Anti-Reverse in seconds.

Spare spools allow ANY InterCoastal series reel to convert between standard and large arbor.

High Performance Reels at reasonable prices.  All Gilmore Reels are precision CNC machined with pride the USA.

A  good fisherman can secure many regenerative hours in winter, polishing up the rods and reels.
Herbert Hoover

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